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RACE DAY: Saturday, September 20



See our Grants page for information on where your dollars go in the Wabash Valley to support the fight against breast cancer.


Why Give to Komen Wabash Valley?

We know you support the Susan G. Komen Wabash Valley Affiliate because you understand the importance of fighting breast cancer.  We feel this added information will give you insight into how we effectively use your generous donations.  All information below can be verified on charitynavigator.org and our IRS 990 forms on our website (komen.org.)

FACT: Komen received the highest 4 star rating for the 5th year in a row from Charity Navigator (the watchdog agency for charities in the U.S.)  Only 5% of charities can claim the 4 star rating for five years in a row.

FACT: 75% of the net proceeds raised by Komen Wabash Valley stays right here in our eleven county area to fund treatment, screening and education programs.  25%  is contributed to the Komen Research Program to fund groundbreaking medical research.

FACT: Since 1997 Komen Wabash Valley has funded more than $800,000 in local programs and $100,000 in national research grants.

FACT: Every Komen affiliate must do a Community Profile every two years for their service area.

FACT: The Community Profile helps us to objectively determine where and what the needs are and guides our grant giving.

FACT: Our national office is responsible for their own expenses.  That means 0% of the funds raised in our area are sent to Komen national for anything other than research.

FACT: Susan G. Komen is the world’s largest source of non-governmental funding for breast cancer and outreach support.

FACT: Komen funds more than 200% MORE in breast cancer research grants than any other national or local charity in the U.S.

FACT: Our yearly grantees are always clearly posted on our website.

FACT:Komen national research grantees are ALWAYS clearly posted on komen.org

FACT: Komen National has granted over $12 million for breast cancer research to research scientists in Indiana.

FACT:Komen has the only breast tissue bank in the world and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Research scientists from all over the world apply to receive tissue from this bank.

FACT:  Komen receives zero funds from any level of government.  We have accomplished what we have because of generous supporters like you and corporate sponsors.

In the very near future you will be receiving our 2014 Sponsorship brochure. Please consider a sponsorship for the 2014 Race For the Cure.